Feedback from Emery Village

Dear Publisher,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for creating such a fine community newspaper. It was high time for our community to shine. The other local paper rarely mentioned us, unless it was a crime event. We are better than that and deserve more.

Your January issue was lovely and I especially enjoyed the article about the train stations. Please have a history corner as a regular feature.

I moved to Emery just about three years ago when I got married. My husband has always lived here. We both felt that there are many hidden gems in our community and we should make the effort to discover them. Your paper helps.

I enjoyed your taste of emery article, and I would like to see you expand it to not only show our diversity by food but by location. What do I mean? Why not showcase a local restaurant each month. Talk of what is on their menu, what services they offer, where they are located and what their most popular item is. Then have the cook/chef give the recipe and the origin of the dish.

Something that I am VERY concerned with is entertainment. I do community theatre myself as well as background work for film and tv. What does Emery offer? Do we have any live theatre venues? What shows are available to the public here? Concerts? Movies? Community theatre? What culture does Emery Village offer. How can we the local residents stay and spend locally? High school shows? Anything? Please explore and report on this.

Thanks again,

Katharine (An Emery Village Resident)

Dear Katharine,Thank you for your wonderful comments. We are having a great time getting to know Emery Village better. I have a reporter that is on the hunt for entertainment events and we hope to be able to have a regular report.

Keep reading and please keep sending us your comments and suggestions.