Executive Director's message - May 2017

Ready for Father’s day?

June is right around the corner and so is Father’s Day.

Do you need some ideas on what to do for Dad?

Here are some suggestions that could spark some creativity and fill Dad’s heart with love on Sunday, June 16.

Breakfast in bed:

Food always goes a long way; maybe some help from mom for the younger tots and create a fantastic breakfast that Dad won’t forget.

Perfect touches could include Dad’s favourite coffee or tea with a tasty fruit on the side.

Homemade card:

Let Dad know exactly how you feel about him. Pull out some paper and coloured crayons and tell a story of how much you care.

Be observant:

Does Dad like to read?

You can always get him a book that interests him.

Is Dad into cars?

There are plenty of books about all different types of cars and mechanics.

Maybe Dad is really into a particular sport or athlete?

Then, biographies are a great place to really dive into how people tick and what motivated them to become the superstar they are today.

Go Fishing:

If the day turns out nicely, (make sure to get your fishing license first), there are plenty of places to relax and go fishing with Dad.

You know, grandpa’s (who are also dad’s) like that sort of thing too.

Be sure to join in the festivities in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Check out the special Canada Day tulips that were planted at intersections around Emery Village, they are really amazing to look at!

As usual, stay safe this month.


Sandra Farina

Executive Director

Emery Village BIA