Executive Director's Message-July 2020

This past July, the Emery Village BIA conducted social media surveys to determine what would help businesses with reopening efforts during the pandemic. In a survey of Toronto area residents, more than 70 percent said they are more likely to visit and purchase from a business that has provided their employees with formal safety training.

For this reason, Emery Village BIA is planning to sponsor the official Bluedrop COVID-19 Safety Program. The course will be sponsored by Emery and free to all our BIA members and their staff. There is no schedule and the course can be taken at your leisure. All updated COVID-19 course updates will be included.


Those interested in participating must register by August 21 as space will be limited. Please email: info@emeryvillagebia.ca

Include your business name, as well as the number of employees interested in taking the course. You can also register online at: www.emeryvillagebia.ca/covid19course

Please stay tuned on social media and our website for more information on this opportunity.

Emery Village BIA’s PPE Booklet is also live and available to browse or download for free at: www.emeryvillagebia.ca/ppe-booklet.

This is a one-stop directory of businesses in the BIA and across Toronto which offer gloves, temperature screening equipment, electrostatic disinfection, masks, face shields and eye protection. If your business offers any of these, please reach out to us to be featured in PPE booklet for free, by emailing: info@emeryvillagebia.ca Or call: 416-744-7242.

The front page of our website has been updated with a lot of new COVID-19 resources over the past month, particularly around business reopening guidelines and safety, as well as grants and support programs. Please be sure to check our website regularly to stay up to date on these resources. www.emeryvillagebia.ca

Finally, just a reminder that we have increased security patrols during this time and implemented an emergency plan. We have increased our operating patrols to include two day patrol cars (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and four evening patrol cars (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) to ensure full coverage of our area.

Please ensure that your alarm company has the most up to date contact information and telephone numbers in the event of an alarm call. The two numbers for VP Protection Dispatch are 416-218-3226 or 647-202-3022.


Executive Director

Sandra Farina