Empowering youth: A CPLC commitment

By Sean Delaney

The Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) has long recognized the importance of supporting our youth, especially in acquiring the skills necessary for sustainable employment. As a part of their ongoing efforts, the CPLC has initiated the Student Leadership Bursary Awards. This initiative is designed to help post-secondary students from local secondary schools enhance their marketable skills through further education and apprenticeship programs.

Each year, one deserving student from each of the eight secondary schools in the 31 Division receives a one-time bursary of $1,000.00. Schools such as Downsview SS, Westview Centennial SS, Monsignor Fraser, James Cardinal McGuigan Secondary, St. Basil-the-Great College School, C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, Emery Collegiate Institute, and Madonna Catholic Secondary have seen over 100 of their students apply annually for this award. This bursary represents a critical investment in our future leaders, enabling them to prepare effectively for the challenges of tomorrow.

In addition to the bursary awards, the CPLC hosts its Annual Open House & Community BBQ. This event not only celebrates the achievements of our young leaders but also strengthens the bonds within the community. With more than 500 attendees each year, including residents, politicians, and media, the event is a testament to the strong community spirit fostered by the CPLC. The success of this gathering relies heavily on the support of local businesses and establishments, whose contributions ensure the event’s impact and longevity.

The partnership between the CPLC and the Toronto Police Service extends beyond just one event. Together, they work on numerous initiatives to promote community safety and development. These include workshops on crime prevention and collaborative efforts to identify, prioritize, and solve community issues, enhancing community safety and the quality of life for its members.

As the CPLC continues to champion these vital causes, it also extends an invitation to local businesses and individuals to support its initiatives. Sponsors of the Community BBQ or donors to the Student Leadership Bursary Award not only contribute to a noble cause but also gain recognition for their generosity. Sponsors are offered a table at the event and acknowledged across CPLC’s social media platforms and community newsletters.

Your support can make a significant difference. It helps provide a memorable weekend for the community, supports our future leaders, and strengthens the fabric of our local area. If you want to contribute to this vibrant community initiative, the CPLC would welcome you aboard. Scan the attached QR code or visit the 31 Division’s website today.

Together, we can ensure that our youth are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow, making our community a safer, more vital, and more vibrant place to live.