Emery grad selected to Ontario Court of Justice

By Tim Lambrinos

On June 3, 2021, a graduate of Emery Collegiate Institute was appointed as a new justice to the Ontario Court of Justice.

Justice Paul Cooper had the distinction of growing up on Bluehaven Crescent in Humber Summit during the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s. His late parents, Sylvan and Billie, also brought up two of Paul’s siblings, David and Sharon. The Cooper children followed the identical primary school pathway from Bluehaven public school and onto G.B. Warren Junior High School on Pearldale Avenue in Humber Summit.

Paul Cooper began attending Emery Collegiate Institute in 1979 until his graduation in 1982. He was called to the bar a decade later and began his legal career as a legal generalist in litigation. He followed this up with dedications into corporate law and real estate law, finally applying himself to criminal law.

On several occasions throughout his comprehensive legal career, Cooper worked as a part-time federal Crown attorney while assisting prosecutions relating to federal statutes. He also worked as an adjudicator with the Law Society Tribunal.

Just prior to his justice appointment, Cooper had been a trustee for the Law Foundation of Ontario and a bencher with the Law Society of Ontario.

All of Emery can proudly acknowledge that one of their esteemed sons has reached the honourable level of becoming a judge.