Emery Village student receives recognition for Diabetes awareness leadership

Emery Village student receives recognition for Diabetes awareness leadership

In a recent Queens Park Legislative Assembly ceremony, young Noemi Motta was honoured with a Certificate of Recognition by MPP Tom Rakocevic of Humber River-Black Creek. The accolade, bestowed upon her on World Diabetes Day, celebrates Noemi’s unwavering commitment to raising awareness about type 1 diabetes.

Noemi Motta, a resident and student of Emery Village, has been an inspirational figure in her community. Her journey with diabetes has not been an easy one, but she has channeled her personal experiences into a powerful advocacy campaign, proving that youth is no barrier to making a substantial impact in society.

MPP Tom Rakocevic, in his address, lauded Noemi’s efforts.

“On this World Diabetes Day, we are not just recognizing a young leader but also celebrating the spirit of resilience and empowerment. Noemi Motta’s dedication to raising awareness about diabetes is not just commendable; it’s transformative. She has used her voice to educate, inspire, and mobilize her peers and community members,” he said.

Noemi’s initiatives have included organizing awareness campaigns at her school, participating in community outreach programs, engaging her peers through innovative informational sessions, and raising funds for Type 1 Diabetes at a recent walk-a-thon. Her approach has been both informative and empathetic, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals living with diabetes and offering support and understanding.

The impact of her work is evident in the increased awareness and understanding within her school and community. She has effectively broken down misconceptions about diabetes and fostered a supportive environment for those affected by it.

Noemi’s response to receiving the award was one of humility and resolve.

“This recognition is not just for me; it’s for everyone who lives with diabetes. My goal is to empower and educate, and this honour only strengthens my commitment to this cause,” she said.

The Emery Village Voice congratulates Noemi Motta on her well-deserved recognition and thanks her for being an inspiring figure in our community. Her work in diabetes awareness serves as a reminder of the power of individual efforts in creating meaningful change.

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