Emery Village shows its colours

By Sean Delaney

Have you noticed that Emery Village is now in full bloom? Much of the pre-planning and installation work has been completed. Now watch as the weekly watering, fertilizing, and maintenance nurtures various beautiful plants that now help add beauty to the streets and common areas.

Thank you to the Emery Village BIA and more than 3200 local business members that assist with the development and beautification of the Emery Village area.

Did you know that approximately 260 hanging flower baskets have been installed around the Emery area? There are 60 large flower boxes, many that adorn the gateways and entrances to Emery, and 50 flag poles that carry the Emery name and Canadian flags strategically placed. There are seven garden walls and flower beds and 29 tree and floral beds. Also, three gateway signs, including custom sidewalks and a colourful roadway pattern and eight roadway medians planted with flowers.

All the plants you see were just recently installed. Continuing with the introduction last year, there is a selection of drought-resistant plant types and new larger hanging planters that retain their moisture much more efficiently. Keep an eye out and enjoy the beauty as they continue to grow and flourish.

Once again, thank you to all the generous members of the Emery Village BIA that help make this all possible.