Emery Village as Leaders in Athletic Growth

By Sean Delaney

Did you know that over the years Emery Village has produced some of Canada’s finest athletes? Humber Summit’s Ron Attwell played for the NHL in the 1960s and has a street named after him in the new Westown development.

Adam Oates is a former resident of Overlea Crescent who played for the NHL for 19 seasons and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of fame in 2012. Many notable athletes are also Emery Collegiate Alumni. Jason Allison played for the NHL for 13 years, served as captain for the Boston Bruins and is a potential candidate for the Hockey Hall of Fame. Paul Higgins played for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 80s and lived in Humber Summit. Harry Pfluegl was a successful professional hockey player in Europe through the 80s and 90s who also attended Emery Collegiate and was a resident on Franson Crescent. As well, Emery Village’s own Jim Baird is the president of the North York Hockey League.

With 5 community centres and 15 parks accessibility is prominent and Emery Village has a culture that fosters athletic engagement in youth. The output of incredible athletes speaks to the commitment of the parents in Emery Village to keeping their kids active and engaged in the community! Emery Village residents and parents have a strong dedication to tradition.

The most prominent athletic organizations in the community have been started by parents in Emery Village. With the support of the local Councillor, these associations and leagues each have their very own home base in Ward 7 and exclusivity on the permits in local parks and recreation centres throughout the Ward. This means that first rights are given to these organizations over other associations requesting time in Ward 7.

Anyone interested in signing their children up from the age of three through to teens can contact them for more information. Even adults can join in the fun and sign yourself up for one of the adult teams.

West Toronto Soccer League




Weston Wolves




Emery Village Cricket League


Emery Village Sports Association Ball Hockey League