Emery Village BIA triumphs with 2023 TABIA Award for exceptional Member Support

By Sean Delaney

On December 8 the Emery Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) were honored with the 2023 Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) award in the “Member Support” category. This prestigious recognition celebrates the BIA’s commitment to enhancing the local business community.

The award ceremony highlighted the accomplishments of BIAs across Toronto, with Emery Village BIA’s dedication and innovative efforts taking center stage. The award was accepted by Executive Director of the Emery BIA Sandra Farina, BIA Board Member Jessica Gaglia, and Project Manager Al Ruggero. These individuals have been key to the BIA’s success.

A prime example of their member support was the impactful job fair held in April. The event drew in more than 400 job seekers, provided an invaluable opportunity for businesses to connect with potential employees, and reinforced the strength and vitality of the job market and economy.

The Emery Village BIA’s approach to member support encompasses a broad range of activities. Their ongoing efforts to provide valuable resources, create networking opportunities, and offer strategic guidance have helped foster a dynamic and prosperous business environment in Emery Village.

The “Member Support” category TABIA award further cements the Emery Village BIA’s place as a pillar of the community and a driver of local economic growth.