Emery Village BIA Digital Portal

On-line presence for BIA Members to help assist growing their Business.

The way people function today, in the world, is changing due to online culture. The Emery Village BIA has introduced a new roadway to the members with the Emery Village BIA Portal. The new real time online digital community tools will empower BIA members to leverage the collective of Emery Village. While this is typically available to large corporations, the entire Emery Village business community now has the ability to take advantage of these high powered tools.

Participation with the Emery Village BIA portal will literally put you on the map.

What some corporations pay big money for on a monthly basis, to improve results with Google, is now yours.

How did it happen?

Emery Village BIA engaged the iTristan Media Group (iTMG). With more than fifteen years’ experience in the online world, they provided the insight and direction that pricked the ears of the team.

“In fifteen years the paradigm shift has been immense and it is picking up speed,” said Jason Agouris of iTMG. “At iTMG we were pioneers in a number of areas, many of which are now commonplace. Areas such as eCommerce development or building sites that our clients can manage on their own are now mature. Being journeymen in what is new to many, has allowed iTMG to shift efforts to our core directive of assisting our clients in making money, saving money, or streamlining the business process.”

The new Emery Village Portal addresses all of these values.

iTMG on the BIA

The experience with the Emery Village BIA has been a shock to us.

We often cross paths with those that are forward thinking, proactive, knowledgeable and effective collaborators. Rarely, if ever, do we find all of those attributes in one package. It is the effort of the BIA that is responsible for this spectacular opportunity for the members. We are merely the facilitators.

Moving Forward

This is an opportunity provided to the members that is more than a perk, it is a marketing vehicle - and more - for every member. Register right now by contacting: Melanie Jonas at 416-744-7242