Emery Village BIA: The future of transit

With a provincial election underway and the mayoralty race beginning, the future of transit is on the public radar once again.

On Tuesday, June 3 at 7 pm, Emery Village BIA will host an information night at St. Basil-the-Great Catholic High School regarding the proposed Finch Avenue LRT. The project has the potential to change the area in more ways than any other infrastructure project in the history of west Toronto since the construction of the 400 series highways.

Among the chief concerns expressed by the BIA were the fundamental changes to traffic and travel through the area and the short and long term implications to venerable businesses and neighbourhoods.

The concerns led the BIA to hire the consultancy firm, Cole Engineering, to undertake a review of the existing LRT plans, and identify travel implications to the area and the need to resolve negative impacts. John McGill, from Cole will present their report at the meeting, and Councilor Giorgio Mammoliti will attend.

“Our BIA’s involvement started with Transit City,” said Sandra Farina, BIA Executive Director. “We helped organize several information meetings for them starting in 2008, which had over 400 residents and businesses attend. Regrettably, there has been no follow up to date since Metrolinx signed the Master Agreement despite efforts to bring them to the table. We are of the view that the last environmental assessment did not sufficiently address what may be insurmountable impacts to our residents and businesses.”

Farina urges people to attend the meeting, see what is being proposed and the possible transit options.