Emery Village BIA: Spooky Month

Executive Director's message:

Have a safe and spooky month

Here at Emery we are finding new ways to encourage small business owners to visit our website and find out all the useful, very inexpensive and free tools the city and local sponsors have to offer.

Our new website features a Seminar Series tab that previews monthly event times, prices, registration information and locations.

Business owners will appreciate having a knowledgeable business lawyer guide them through building their business from a concept to reality. Others may find it useful to speak with an accountant to help with managing books, which is a critical base for business success. There are so many seminars to choose from to suit everyone’s business needs.

For more information on Seminars please visit: https://web.toronto.ca/business-economy/business-start-ups/training/seminars

A holiday reminder in Emery that Thanksgiving Day will be on Oct. 9. Thanksgiving is a time to share and make cozy memories with family and friends.

With autumn upon us, a lot of people are gearing up for the spookiest holiday ever, Halloween.

At Emery we want everyone to feel safe, and to do that we offer some annual tips so that our children can enjoy trick or treating.

Safety Tips:

Plan a route in advance. Sticking to paths that you and your child are familiar with can help avoid getting lost.

Wear comfy shoes. This means your child can cover a larger area comfortably for more loot.

Stay in well-lit areas or have reflective tape on your child’s costume. Ensure drivers can see them. Carrying a flashlight helps too.

Make sure all costumes are short to avoid tripping.

Avoid masks as they can make it difficult to see or breathe.

Use flexible props. Choose a prop that won’t cause injury to your child or friends.

Check the candy. Throw away any candy that is not in an original wrapper or looks to have been opened.

Have a great month everyone!


BIA Executive Director

Sandra Farina