Emery BIA Job Fair: Discover opportunities at Upper Crust

By Sean Delaney

The Emery Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) is gearing up for its second annual job fair, an event that showcases the vibrant employment landscape within the community. This year, they’re excited to spotlight Upper Crust as a key participant. With a facility located at 50 Millard Street and an online presence at: www.uppercrust.com

Upper Crust is seeking talented individuals eager to contribute to their success.

They are renowned for a commitment to quality and innovation, serving both foodservice and retail market channels with premium bakery goods. From artisan breads and croissants to puff pastries, Upper Crust’s offerings appeal to a broad audience, including health and environmentally-conscious consumers opting for plant-based and clean label products. The company’s dedication to crafting high-quality baked goods is matched by its commitment to its workforce, continually seeking the best people who share an entrepreneurial spirit.

Opportunities at Upper Crust include:

Baking Technicians: Baking products, such as croissants puff pastry and turnovers.

General Production Workers: Play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the production line, focusing on the start-up and quality of products.

Dough Quality Operators: Responsible for maintaining the high-quality dough that Upper Crust is renowned for, across all products.

Oven Operators: Tasked with operating baking equipment to strict standards, these roles are essential for producing top-quality baked goods.

Why consider Upper Crust?

This recruitment drive is a reflection of Upper Crust’s commitment to excellence and growth. It’s an opportunity for job seekers to become part of a company that values reliability, attention to detail, and adherence to the highest food safety and quality standards.

Prepare for the Job Fair:

To make the most of this opportunity, interested candidates should prepare by updating their resumes with relevant experience and skills, researching Upper Crust to understand its products and company culture better, and coming ready to ask insightful questions about the roles and company expectations.