Emery BIA Job Fair: A gateway to new beginnings with Alendel Fabrics Ltd.

By Sean Delaney

The Emery Village BIA Job Fair, scheduled for April 18th at the Pinecrest Event Centre, is a prime event for career opportunities. The BIA is excited to introduce Alendel Fabrics Ltd., a standout in the home furnishings industry at 3900 Weston Rd. Alendel Fabrics offers a unique range of career paths, including dynamic warehouse roles and positions in executive support and human resources, all crafted to ignite your passion and propel your career forward.

As a background to job seekers, established in 1981, Alendel Ltd. is a family-run business that has grown to become a key distributor across North America. They specialize in various products, from fabrics and trimmings to linings and decorative drapery hardware, catering primarily to the interior design trade. Their commitment to quality and design has set them apart in the industry, and they offer a variety of textiles, including fine silks and jacquards, cotton, sheers, and embroideries.

Wearhouse Positions: Alendel Fabrics is searching for ambitious individuals to fill pivotal warehouse positions crucial for maintaining their products’ smooth operation and organization. They value those who are physically fit and detail-oriented, qualities that are integral to maintaining high standards in quality and design within the home furnishings sector.

Executive Support: They are also searching for an Executive Assistant for a related company. This role involves managing the schedules and communications of senior executives, perfect for individuals with strong organizational skills and a proactive approach to administrative tasks.

Human Resources Support: The job fair also underscores the community’s need for HR support, highlighting this role’s significance in recruitment and maintaining a dynamic workforce.

This fair is a unique opportunity for job seekers to directly engage with potential employers, including Alendel Fabrics Ltd., and explore various career paths. For employers, it serves as a platform to connect with a diverse pool of candidates, contributing significantly to the economic growth of Emery Village. This event is a win-win for all participants, fostering a thriving job market in our community.

Attendees are encouraged to come ready to interact with companies, share their skills and experiences, and explore Emery Village’s potential.

For more information on Alendel, visit them at: www.alendel.com

Or scan the attached QR code.