Councillor's Corner - April 2021

Dear Resident,

The third wave of COVID-19 has been hard for many of us, and the vaccination rollout has been challenging.

Yet, the community has persevered, and it heartens me to see neighbours helping each other.

Tens of thousands of people in our community have received their vaccines.

I have worked with community organizations to organize local clinics and see how much demand there is. Thousands have lined up for pop-up walk-in clinics.

With the opening of the city-operated Carmine Stefano Community Centre clinic and Humber River Hospital's Downsview Arena clinic, we have seen many people book appointments locally. I got my vaccine, too, and I very much look forward to a day soon when we can all breathe a little more freely.

There are many opportunities to get your vaccine right now. You can sign up through an appointment at the permanent clinics. Humber River Hospital is running pop-up walk-in clinics on an almost daily basis. Follow me online for details or call me if you need support. My office and I can help you navigate the system.

It's important to get your vaccine as soon as you can. It is the only way that we are going to beat this virus.

Stay vigilant and stay safe.


Anthony Perruzza

City Councillor, Ward 7

Humber River - Black Creek