Clean and Green: Earth Day

The Emery Village Earth Day wish list

By David Lance

Imagine...We could make a film called Emery Earth Day events 2015, which could be online all year at our website to view, hear, and remember.

For others in Toronto and the world to see!

While volunteer teams from schools, churches, the Emery?Village BIA’s 2000+ member businesses, families and friends gather in their neighborhoods at centres, schools etc. to fan out and cover local areas. Others who love the Humber River valley trails can be there with other nature lovers taking care of that precious area. And voila!

No more litter in Emery Village.

We could do that...this spring!

We could have a rainbow run, ride, walk and regatta to clean up the river of trash and those bags snagged in riverbank branches before the Rainbow Trout come upstream to spawn this year.

Like our monthly calendars, our copy of the Emery Village Voice mailed to us each month can help keep us on the same page – or wavelength.

We can learn what’s happening locally.

Email: if you have ideas, questions, suggestions, or want to volunteer for local events here.

We can network online everyday to help get things done. And a Volunteer of the Year can be chosen by each school, college, university, library, church, community and business in our city.

Wow, that would be lots of good news.