Canadian women on the road to Rio


The 28,604 fans at the women’s soccer friendly on June 4 in Toronto witnessed an arduous effort by the Canadians to keep up with the likes of Marta and her sturdy battalion. Sadly, the steadfast and roaring crowd could not steer the Canadians from their hesitant plays and inappropriately applied defensive strategies.

This was not one of Canada’s best displays of its talent, which, led by veteran Christine Sinclair and up and coming star Kadeisha Buchanan, has the right balance of expert skill and fresh pizzazz to score another Olympic medal in the upcoming games this August in Brazil.

The Canadians had the opportunity to showcase their offensive potential throughout their second game against the Brazilian national team in Ottawa on June 7, scoring a well overdue goal in extra time.

“Finally! Now this is the team I know and love. This team can be really solid, and they need to keep playing like this. Sinclair is an amazing team leader and my inspiration. She and the team deserve to win something big,” said long time women’s soccer fan, Natalie Farina.

The Canadian Women’s National team will be up against Australia, Germany and Zimbabwe at the Olympics in Rio this summer.