Can we go thrift shopping?

Rosemary Bryan has closed a gap in Emery, by opening her heart

By Sean Delaney

When Rosemary Bryan began to think about starting her own business, Dress4Less4Success, she couldn’t steer herself away from her passion for helping people, and could not think of herself.

“This was something where I was sitting in my bedroom, and I thought of during this COVID-19 time, a lot of people are struggling,” she said. “If I could do something to help people, to make it easier for them, that’s what I wanted to do.”

And that was where the idea for a comprehensive thrift store began.

“I’ve been getting the clothes that were given to me, clothes that were donated, household items, and decided I’m going to open up a store, with reduced costs, that helps everybody,” she said.

Bryan began acquiring donations for her thrift store due to her presence within the community.

Once she saw the litany of drop-offs and the variety of items she was getting, she was inspired to open a retail location. Bryan’s background is working with less fortunate people and she has an extensive history of community activism. Through speaking with people in the area she realized they had a need for discounted products, particularly during the battle against the pandemic.

Today, she has a little bit of everything, blankets, bedsheets, kitchen wares, anything she can get her hands on that people need – that’s what she will sell. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, she said. Household items, pots, pans, and maybe even one day, a kitchen sink.

And for the passionate community activist, it is not only fulfilling to operate a business that she knew people needed but one that she couldn’t find herself locally.

Bryan has filled a gap in the Emery Village area.

“I think I am the only thrift store in the area,” she said. “It makes me proud to help people.”

Dress4Less4Success is located at: 2965 Islington Avenue, Unit #7

You can reach the store by phone at: 416-792-3574

If you are planning on dropping off, or donating items to the store, Bryan asks that you please call ahead first