A new and modern dentist

By Sean Delaney

Emery Village Dentist is a modern and up to date dental clinic with doctors who are focused on the patient as well as the procedure.

From ensuring patients are as comfortable and pain free as possible, to offering procedures and techniques in-house that many dentists would have to refer patients out for.

The owner is Dr. Youngwoo Joo D.D.S.

Dr. Youngwoo graduated from the University of Toronto before completing dental school at New York University. After his graduation he returned to Toronto and began working with and for other dentists in other clinics, all the while believing he could offer more on his own.

“In my opinion, I saw a number of different things that dentistry can better offer to our patients,” he said.

This is his third office, and he said he is purposefully growing in the Emery Village area thinking he could bring some more up to date and recent dentistry technologies. Dr. Youngwoo prefers to offer his patients the highest standards. And as he explained, that starts with the basics.

“We do the basics right, starting from billing and appointments, how we pick up the phone,” Youngwoo said. “This isn’t a person’s favourite place to go, so we focus on keeping the patients mouth healthy of course, but also a focus on the basics and the customer.”

The building is new and beautiful, and the office is a clean and modern style.

“We’ve heard a lot of patients say they haven’t been to a clean and modern office like this,” he said. “We have invested in the office on purpose. In my opinion, a lot of dental offices don’t invest in the actual office.”

The things they do the best is accommodating different kinds of ages and treatments. Dr. Youngwoo said he’s got a number of doctors working in the clinic for him, and all are up on modern techniques, including those to provide relief to pain and anxiety. For example, Emery dentistry offers sedation for services. They offer implants. Botox for patients with jaw problems. As well they do braces and teeth whitening in-house, bone grafting, and much, much more.

You can find Emery Village Dentist at Unit C4 -39 Abraham Welsh Road, North York.

Phone them at: 437-900-8266

Email them at: info@emeryvillagedental.ca

Or find them online at: emeryvillagedental.ca