A message from TDSB trustee Christopher Mammoliti

From the moment I commenced my role at the board on Dec 3, 2018, at 5050 Yonge Street, I have been calling for unity in Humber River Black Creek, because it is what I believe to be the most positively impactful.

Every community conversation I have starts with the intention of working together or living together, in all our diversity, commonalities, and differences, to show the real result of working together after a common goal. COVID-19 has demanded similar teamwork across all areas of society. In this spirit, we have been conducting Reach Out and Connect education sessions every other Friday since April to ensure continued opportunities for our community to engage with guest speakers spanning various topics, and us. On May 22nd, both Directors of Education from the TDSB and TCDSB, joined us online to hear directly from Emery Village and the entire HRBC Community. From my recollection, it is the first time an educational engagement opportunity like this has presented itself to us.

The city is listening to residents of Emery Village, and your voice is only growing louder because you are rightfully demanding to be heard in unison.

At the TDSB, we also know there are currently severe educational challenges, many of them you have been sharing with us at these sessions.

Equitable access to technology and educational resources, along with student nutrition, have been some of our requested focus’ during these challenging times. To date, we have been able to prepare and ship over 60,000 computers, tablets, and Chromebooks to families in need across the city. Almost 4,000, in our local community. With the help of The Toronto Foundation for Student Success, we have been able to donate $50 grocery cards to families requesting nutritional support, throughout Toronto, and to almost every school in our local community. Ideally, this will be available to all our schools by the time this publication gets to you. These fantastic results happen because we talk, trust, and support each other as a community. Let’s keep it up, it is making a difference. Email me at:

Christopher.mammoliti@tdsb.on.ca Or call me at: 416-475-9395.

Feel free to join us in our engagement sessions, or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). Even though our schools remain closed until September, I am still here to help.

Reach out anytime.

It is all about us.

TDSB Ward 4 Trustee

Christopher Mammoliti