A fine foods leader in Canada

By Sean Delaney

Did you know Emery Village can brag about housing a business known as Canada’s largest?

That’s right. Thanks to the success of Anatolian Fine Foods, Emery Village is now home to Canada’s largest Turkish products grocery store.

But despite the title, that is not all this retailer is known for.

“The grocery stores focus mainly on Turkish products and Turkish fine foods as our main target is Middle Eastern peoples,” said Mehmet Budak, co-owner of Anatolian Fine Foods.

Located at 2437 Finch Ave West and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Budak said their goal is to become a quality food location for several Emery’s communities.

“We have local foods, Caribbean foods, South American foods,” Budak said. “We are trying to extend our customer base as much as we can. We have a small place and limited space, but now we can say we are the largest Turkish grocery store in Canada. And we will continue to grow.”

The store features a butcher section, fresh meat, a restaurant section, barbecue, desserts, a Turkish-style bread and bakery section, Pogaca, an olive bar, and more.

You can preview their foods, and see their weekly specials online at:


        Or reach the store via phone at: