A cut above the rest

Al Miley & Associates has offered professional arborist services since 1974. And Miley has the experience to know just what your tree will need.

His number one business is the care and maintenance of trees.

“We will go out and evaluate a property, especially for new homeowners and younger homeowners, who maybe have bought a property that has been neglected for years, and we can get it back into shape,” Miley said. “We do corrective grooming and maintenance to ensure your trees are healthy and safe.”

And many times, trees can need to be removed, Miley explained, as they can be hazardous. And often, he will feel a responsibility to do it.

“If we do an evaluation and then something breaks, comes down, hurts someone, that can be on me,” he said. “We’re also in the business of preserving trees, so if we see something that can be helped by bracing it, we’ll make those recommendations.”

Miley and Associates has been committed to providing top-tier tree services for the last four decades and plan to continue in the hopes of enhancing the surrounding environment and impressing old and new clients alike.

“Our company cares deeply about establishing a natural aesthetic that you can be proud of and wants only the best for your landscape and its plants,” Miley said. “Not only that, but we make having a beautiful property more attainable than ever before with our affordable, competitive pricing.”

In fact, hiring an arborist is an investment that often provides increased property value alongside the improved aesthetics that make it so appealing.

From certified arborist reports and land clearing to storm damage restoration, Al Miley & Associates is a professional tree service specialist. Whether a business is looking to update its landscaping, or a resident is in need of ongoing maintenance for the trees around a home, they can help.

A large number of Toronto property owners already depend on Miley for high-end tree services, arborist reports, and tree inspections.

“We are a certified arborist business that has been impressing clients in the Toronto area since our inception,” he said. “We provide an array of services across all seasons and deal in both commercial and residential projects.”

To find out more, you can visit them at: 203 Toryork Drive.

Call them at: 416-749-3723

Or find them online at: www.almileytree.ca