A commitment to excellence

By Sean Delaney

Joe Giugliano, the owner of Premier Auto Service, embarked on his automotive career in Emery Village. When the time came to open his own shop, he knew exactly where he wanted to establish it. “My journey actually started in Emery Village,” Giugliano shared. “I worked at a muffler chain at Finch and Weston back in the day. I spent a considerable amount of time there but felt I could offer a superior service and serve as a dealership alternative.”

Giugliano is a Red Seal-certified technician and a lifelong learner in the automotive field. With the advancements in today’s technology and communication capabilities, he is always absorbing new knowledge for his shop and integrating new technologies. “The textbook is kind of becoming obsolete,” he mentioned. “Now, a lot of training is accessible through online portals, during the night, or at lunchtime, whether it’s through interactive videos or other digital forums. I dedicate time to stay updated on all sorts of subjects. There are comprehensive courses available in the evening, broadcasted through training websites, and then I have all the manuals and resources available digitally.”

Giugliano emphasizes that they operate a full-service repair shop, covering a wide range of services from A to Z, except body work. “We offer alignments, tires, air conditioning services, and possess the latest equipment for air conditioning, now in its third or fourth year of technology. We have four different diagnostic computers, equipping us to diagnose and repair anything related to your car.”

Giugliano advises finding a mechanic you trust and sticking with them. His shop is nearing its 25th year in business, and he has discovered that building a relationship with both the customer and their vehicle is mutually beneficial for the mechanic, the customer, and the car itself. “We essentially create a family trust, or bond,” he explained. “Once customers recognize the value in our service, which often goes beyond just price but includes the quality of repair, the avoidance of returning or recurring issues, and consistently high-quality service, we start seeing their children and even their grandchildren. We’re now welcoming a third generation of customers. Focusing on that relationship has proven to be very successful for us.”

Premier Auto Service is located at:

175 Toryork Drive, Unit #59.

You can phone them at: 416-745-2134