31 Division always open to the community they serve

By Sean Delaney

Toronto Police Service’s 31 Division and its CPLC recently organized a community barbecue.

The event was held at 31 Division and offered a range of engaging activities, including exhibits, station tours, a free BBQ, and the much-anticipated presentation of the Student Leadership Bursary Awards.

The event kicked off with exhibits showcasing the diverse responsibilities and capabilities of the Toronto Police Service.

Interactive displays allowed attendees to explore the specialized units within the police service.

Visitors had the opportunity to learn about the police’s commitment to ensuring public safety and building strong relationships with the community.

In addition to the exhibits, guided tours of the police station were provided, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the daily operations and facilities.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the free BBQ, where attendees indulged in delicious food and enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow community members.

The TPS’s 31 Division spared no effort in providing a diverse menu, accommodating various dietary preferences and ensuring that everyone felt welcome.

As part of their ongoing commitment to community development and support, the 31 Division’s CPLC awarded the prestigious Student Leadership Bursary Award.

This recognition aimed to celebrate and encourage outstanding student leaders who demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and made positive contributions to their schools and communities. The recipients were honoured on stage, where their achievements were applauded by attendees and law enforcement officials alike, inspiring others to pursue paths of excellence.

The successful community barbecue showcased the power of fostering positive relationships and building bridges between law enforcement and the community.

With more than 500 attendees throughout the day, the event provided an opportunity for individuals to learn about the police service’s work, enjoy delicious food, and engage in a range of fun-filled activities. The event’s highlight, the Student Leadership Bursary Awards, recognized exceptional student leaders and encouraged further community engagement. This event served as a shining example of the Toronto Police’s commitment to serving and strengthening their community.