Executive Director’s message - March 2017

What’s that old saying about March? It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. It certainly feels this way, as the cold and snow show no reprieve for us again this year. Before we know it the spring temperatures will arrive again. I prefer the lamb part, that’s for sure.

This time of year usually sees me preparing for my spring-cleaning ritual. I begin by making a list to help me focus and cross chores off as I go.

1. Test fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. I usually do this when the time changes to keep the batteries fresh.

2. Clean the build up on kitchen cabinets, especially around the exhaust hood and range.

3. Wash windows from the outside. The rule of thumb is to wash on a cloudy day to ensure the sun won’t dry the cleanser before you are done wiping.

4. Clean appliances. I like to use kits that disinfect and de-calcify the inside of dishwashers and washing machines. Refrigerators and stoves usually require some elbow grease.

5. Area Rugs especially those located in high traffic areas deserve a good cleaning. Maybe you will need a professional to assist as dirty carpets could have negative impacts on health.

6. Tiled surfaces. I use a baking soda and water mixture paste and an old toothbrush to get into the grout. The rest of the tiles can be wiped down with cleaners that have “neutral pH” on the label. For tougher stains, call pros.

7. Closet Organization. If you haven’t worn it in six months, donate it. Discarding unused clothes and accessories is the first step to a more organized wardrobe.

8. Bedding is also important. Clean or replace pillows and anything that keeps you cozy. For duvets always read the label first.

9. Mattresses also need attention. When waiting for sheets to come out of the dryer you can use your vacuums crevice tool to clean the surface and sides, then spot clean with an upholstery cleaner and sanitize.

10. Bookshelves and walls. This is the perfect time to rearrange your décor and keep everything looking spotless.

If March shows its lamb side, you may feel inclined to start gardening. Keep in mind that Canada will celebrate 150 years, so maybe pops of red and white can be a theme.

As usual, stay safe and enjoy!


Sandra Farina