Executive Director’s Message - February 2014

Emery Village, where families come to live, people come to work and kids come to play. I know this place is special because I have lived and worked here for many years. I also know there are many other families and businesses who have also been here for many generations.

Having generations of families remain here in Emery Village is a great feeling and one I am blessed to have. It is fascinating that as the older generation leaves, the younger ones stay, which represents the true community we have. It is important to recognize how our community is changing but also how much it is staying the same.

The older generation, I’m sure, finds comfort in knowing that their traditions are still being done today, many years later, which is also good for the community and more importantly, their business brand. Building a brand recognition is important for businesses and I hope the businesses continue to do that and remember their roots. Never forgetting where you came from shows that you never forget who you are and that is important with continuing to build this vibrant and blossoming community.

Sandra Farina