Emery’s World War II hero: Joseph Bannon

Joseph Bannon Park is dedicated to the memory of one of Emery Village’s greatest community champions. Born in Scotland in 1919, Joseph Bannon enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force and in 1944 was part of the invading Canadian Forces that landed at Juno Beach on D-Day. His name and military regalia are permanently displayed as part of the Canadian War memorial at Juno Beach.

After the war, Bannon settled with his family in a “war home” in the new Weston subdivisions, built for returning veterans and their families. Bannon’s experience during the war, where he witnessed the suffering, loss and devastation of the surviving children led him to his life long commitment and dedication to their care. In addition to their own two children, Joe Bannon and his wife Doris May became foster parents to over 100 unwanted children, seven of which they adopted.