Yesterday and Today: 1st Commercial Business

Richard Storer and Emery’s first ever commercial business



Last month’s Yesterday and Today article in the Emery Village Voice presented the story of Richard Storer’s very first modern-day commercial business that was established in Emery Village called Consolidated Advertising.

The Emery Village Voice wishes to display some recent photographs that further highlight this remarkable story of our first business and what the properties look like today.

As readers recall, Richard Storer’s originally built factory, named Consolidated Advertising, manufactured large dairy and agricultural posters.

The farming roadway to the original factory began right at Weston Road close to present-day Habitant Drive. The road travelled north-west across a large white bridge that crossed the Emery Creek just west of Weston Road. In the 1960’s Emery United Church was located along Weston Road very close to this large bridge that was actually torn up in 1975 when concrete and rock wire-mesh flood control was built for this section of the Emery Creek. The farming road continued northbound up an embankment along side the present day Hydro Corridor which was just south of Windhill Crescent. Remnants of this roadway are still visible today if readers venture through the hydro right-of-way south side of Windhill Crescent. The original road continued further westbound and actually is part of present-day Windhill Crescent.

Storer’s first plant was constructed at the intersection of present-day Goldpine Crescent and Windhill Crescent and Mr. and Mrs. Brunetta proudly reside in their newly built home that was constructed on the exact former site of Storer’s original plant.

Rivalda Road was constructed to be home to Richard Storer’s newly built factory in 1956. Storer appropriately named his new business Consolidated Advertising once again when the plant was re-opened. Storer’s new factory still stands at the far north end of Rivalda Road.

The Marcus Garvey Centre was a former tenant of the building and the property is currently owned by the city.