What's your favourite season?

By Ron Lazzer

Some people love summer, some people love winter, some love spring or fall. We’re all different and enjoy different things. I’ve always considered myself a summer type of guy but the truth is I love the change in seasons. It gives us a counterpoint to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Every season is beautiful in it’s own way including Autumn.

What do I like about autumn? I like the changing leaves. It’s magnificent the way they go from green to bright yellow, orange, and red. It can be magical to see, especially if you enjoy nature during the peak of the colour change. In the GTA we’re at about 20 percent colour change right now which means we have a lot to look forward to. At it’s peak the hills will look like they’re on fire. Try going for a drive or a walk in a park and you’ll see what I mean.

I also like the changing temperatures. After our recent heat spell so late in the year I’m looking forward to cooler crisper weather. The air smells and feels refreshing after summer’s heat. You can even smell the leaves that are falling. They have that distinctive fall scent. Breathing is a lot easier in the fall too. If you’re prone to allergies most of your problems are behind you at this point in the year. It’s also nice to sit outside at this time of year with a blanket or a small fire and enjoy the company of those you care about.

I would be short sighted if I didn’t mention all the food that Autumn has to offer. Pumpkins, pears, and figs are all signs that fall has arrived.

Then of course there’s pumpkin pie, apple crisp, and cranberry jelly. This is the time of year that Mother Nature feeds us all the delicious treats we enjoyed as children and continue to enjoy, sometimes a little too often, as adults.

Autumn has so many different activities to keep us entertained as well. Corn mazes are a delight for grown ups and children alike. Good old fashioned games of jumping into piles of leaves never grow old or out of favour even in the age of tablets and Netflix. Autumn strolls in the crisp air will leave you in awe of nature’s beauty. Even cold rainy days at this time of year have a certain allure that will hold it’s own against gentle winter snowfalls or violent summer thunderstorms. You won’t feel this way at any other time of the year.

When you think about your favourite season I ask you to consider Autumn with all it’s splendour and glory. You might just find that it has more to enjoy than you thought. Have a great October.

Ron Lazzer is the owner of Bellevue Landscaping. If you have any questions or comments please email them to Ron@BellevueLandscaping.ca