Welcome back TDSB students, staff and community

First of all, I hope you have had a wonderful summer. To say you earned a much-needed break over the last year would be a massive understatement, so instead, we look to positively turn the page, learn what we can from the recent past and build towards a safer re-opening for our 2021-2022 school year.

Over the summer, we have continued to host, share information, and attend pop-up vaccination clinics in our community with the hopes of promoting and encouraging youth and community vaccinations. The reality is that the more we see local vaccinations increase, the safer school re-opening can be here in Humber River - Black Creek (HRBC). Support and resources from our community partners at Humber River Hospital and Black Creek Community Health Centre have been invaluable in these efforts, along with so many others, like our very own Emery Village BIA. The TDSB, alongside the TCDSB, have made as many of our public schools as possible available for clinics and have had fantastic support from all our HRBC school leadership/staff and community. As your elected community leadership, and in my case your TDSB Vice-Chair and Ward 4 Trustee, this was one of the times we needed to go above and beyond for our communities, and I know for sure that public education did our absolute best.

The results of these efforts can be seen in our most recent TDSB Planning & Priorities Committee update (Can be provided on request) from Toronto Public Health on August 17th, 2021, showing that over the current summer, the northwest area of Toronto (including HRBC) have had some of the highest percentages of youth residents who have initiated vaccination. In Toronto, a fantastic 96.7 percent of ages 18-24 have initiated vaccination, with 89.3 percent of those aged 25-29 initiating, as well. Ages 12-17 and 30-54 are sitting between 75.2- 78.4 percent and will undoubtedly be where we would like to see more growth. Please note, the vaccine eligibility for youth born in 2009 did inclusively change recently, meaning; youth who are 11, turning 12 this year, are now eligible for vaccination.

Going forward, we will continue to do our absolute best to keep our TDSB and HRBC community safe while keeping you engaged and informed. Communication with you is critical, so please never hesitate to contact me by Cell Phone 416-475-9395, Trustee Office at 416-395-8787, Email at:


Twitter - @trusteemammo, Instagram - @tdsbtrusteemammoliti, or on Facebook. You can also join us at the upcoming events (Dates/Times subject to change): Sept 10 - Virtual Parent Engagement Night.

September 18 - Welcome Back BBQ at Humber Summit Middle School from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back in September, both in person and virtually.

Christopher Mammoliti

Trustee Ward 4, Humber River – Black Creek - Vice-chair TDSB