Welcome back, Toronto!

By Sean Delaney

This is our moment to show love to the places, spaces, businesses, and people that make Toronto such a vibrant, dynamic and diverse city. Recently, Mayor John Tory and Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson, Chair of the Economic and Community Development Committee, in association with founding sponsor American Express and in partnership with Destination Toronto, launched ShowLoveTO to encourage local tourism and foster community engagement and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

ShowLoveTO is an initiative that will encourage residents to show their love for Toronto by safely connecting with neighbours, supporting local businesses, and exploring their city neighbourhoods to help rebuild the social and economic fabric of Toronto.

Tony D’Aversa, Chair of the Emery Village BIA marketing committee shared his thoughts on the importance of shopping locally.

“The job of the Emery BIA is to help improve the business environment, and we know first hand how difficult that has been during COVID. We have to remember other than food (which we have so many wonderful establishments), we have automotive, clothing, electronics, snow tires, and the list goes on. Look for those hidden gems,” D’Aversa said. “For example, there is a Spanish/ Latin mini-mall at Milvan and Finch that has many unique little stores. With the proper COVID protocols in place, shopping is a productive way of building our community and sewing up the social fabric that was eroded.”

D’Aversa grew up in the Humber Summit area and said there are many mom and pop stores that are an essential and grateful part of the community.

“You might get a better price at a big box store but not the dedicated customer service,” D’Aversa said. “The smaller stores likely know your face, they know your name, know what you want, and they will bend over backward to make sure that you are satisfied. When you shop at one of our local stores, it’s that customer service that is worth the extra money.”

D’Aversa also made a point of reminding everyone that there is a complete directory of Emery businesses available at:


Be sure to check it before heading out on your next shopping trip.

The City’s ShowLoveTO campaign saw the placing of lit-up red hearts with #ShowLoveTO on them all around Toronto.

In Emery, you can see a heart at the northeast corner of Sheppard Ave and Weston Rd. Between now and December 14th, residents can take a cool picture of themselves, or with friends and email it to:


You can also tag @emeryvillagebia with hashtags #cityofTO and #SLTO for a chance to win great prizes from local Emery businesses.