Ward 7 residents engage with Finch West LRT team at Open House

By Sean Delaney

I recently attended a Finch West LRT community open house hosted at Councillor Perruzza’s constituency office at 2350 Finch Ave West. The event was an excellent platform for community engagement, allowing residents to get firsthand insights into the much-anticipated LRT project.

Residents were keen to understand the project’s finer details, with inquiries pouring in about the expected completion date for the Finch West LRT, intricacies of the intersection signal patterns, safety and accessibility of pedestrian crossings, and the integration and usage of bike lanes.

The morning was abuzz with activity, underscoring the community’s vested interest in the LRT project. Events like these reaffirm the importance of open dialogue between civic bodies and residents, ensuring that developments align with the community’s needs and aspirations.

Feedback from the community will no doubt be invaluable as the LRT team moves forward, ensuring that the project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the people it aims to serve.

The open house was a testament to Councillor Perruzza’s commitment to maintaining transparency and fostering community participation in shaping the future of Ward 7.