Timeless taste, modern twist: Explore the Aurora Importing retail store

By Sean Delaney

Annette Franciosa, the manager of the Aurora Importing store, sat down with the Emery Village

Voice to discuss new product lines in an ever-changing retail space. The store looks refreshed,

and many new products are being carried. The Aurora retail store is evolving. New products and

displays show off a long list of new offerings, including first-time non-Italian fare for an evolving

community. The company Sperlari will now be seen on the shelves with chocolates and candies.

They have new oils to provide reasonably priced options for the expensive olive oil market.

Aurora has new avocado oils, cookies, healthcare alternatives, gluten-free options and treats

sweetened with cane sugars. A new high-end line from Italy offers baby pasta and cookies. “The

products and ingredients are just so good,” said Franciosa. “This product used to be sold

through Shopper’s Drug Mart, but somehow they lost the line, and now it has been brought back

through Aurora.” The store had been testing cheeses but decided to take them in the winter, as

they ship dry items and do not refrigerate them. They have Sicilian ice cream, pizza dough, and

the Rea-dried cured meats. They have a new line of rice, rice noodles and all the condiments.

It’s not traditionally Italian, but they are moving to provide more food for the growing community.

Search their shelves, and you can find couscous and butter chicken sauces and other traditional

Eastern dishes. The chosen provider is KFI, which features sauces, chutneys, curries, and

more. “Please, come into the store and visit,” Franciosa said. “We have something for

everyone.” Visit Aurora’s Cash and Carry at 350 Clayson Rd, North York. Monday to Friday,

from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call them at: (416) 401-2055 Or visit them online at: