Time is of the essence

Emery’s own The Empire Group

By Sean Delaney

Sitting down with Charles Harris, President of The Empire Group, it’s clear why the art of watch making will never go out of style.

Harris, along with his 10 colleagues, operates one of the few existing clock and watch repair shops in Toronto.

“We have the most equipped workshop in the country, and offer you decades of experience from our professional team. But our attention to detail is what really sets us apart,” he said.

Originally, The Empire Group was a clock repair company to the non-trade retail public. However, larger chain stores began to seek out Harris’s skills, leading him to also offer a watch repair business for retailers.

When he began The Empire Group, Harris found that there were a lot of repair houses, but not many that would take on complicated jobs.

“Everybody wanted to do the simple jobs because it was quick, fast money. But when it came to the more technical stuff, few and far between were able to do it,” he said.

“One of the things that I take pride in is when I’m able to restore a family heirloom,” notes Harris. “To repair a watch or clock that’s been in the family and has been handed down from grandpa to dad to son, to let them know that they can have it in working order once again—that is why I do what I do. It is so satisfying to know that you can restore somebody’s timepiece and bring those memories back.”

On the topic of prices, Harris is more than reasonable. “I believe that just because you wear an expensive watch, does not mean it should be expensive to fix.”

His cost per order is based on the time it takes to fix the problem, not the cost of the product itself.

After Harris gave a tour of the shop and explained how his products work, it was hard to believe all the details that go into fixing a watch or a clock.

Also impressive was that Harris uses only green products making his business environmentally friendly.

Making these choices, Harris is able to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals which could have detrimental effects to his health over time: fixing approximately 100 watches and 10 clocks per week.

So for those of you who have that one watch which has never worked or would like to hear your clock chime or watch tick again, a good suggestion would be the magical workings of The Empire Group. Their expertise, professionalism as well as fair price will be sure to impress you. Harris’s extensive achievements prove that even in today’s corporate world, business doesn’t have to be conducted aggressively or deceitfully. Be passionate, be fair and be wise, and success will follow.

For all of your clock and watch repair needs please visit: The Empire Group at 134 Fenmar Dr or give them a call at (416) 740-4445.

For Emery readers please ask for your 10 per cent off discount, generously donated by Charles.

Also keep your eyes wide for opening of the new retail outlet “Charles Harris Time Pieces” at 136 Fenmar Dr.