Strength in Recruiting

By Melanie Jonas

Are you ready for a career change? What about an exciting career opportunity? Did you know that right here in Emery Village is a company, which has the ability to change your life? Did I mention this company does not charge you anything?

Talent Employment Inc. started in 2008 as a career-recruiting agency to help people find not just jobs, but careers. It found a market in the demand for quality talent in the areas of hospitality, professional services, manufacturing and office management.

Located in the heart of Emery Village, 5601 Steels Avenue West, Suite 5 you have no reason not to visit this place if you or someone you know is looking for a change of pace in their career. The office is very welcoming which impressed me immediately after walking in to meet with the general manager, Alana Copps who has over 20 years experience working in the recruiting field. Alana’s passion and drive shines through when she explains why she loves what she does.

“I started working in this industry to help people, providing jobs, providing a life, that is what makes me happy.”

It is not every day you hear such a wonderful reason for why someone loves what he or she does. Location is very important to Talent Employment Inc. Fifty per cent of their clients are in Emery Village. After learning how simple and efficient it is to speak with a recruiter you have no reason not to take the time to pop in. You can even walk right into the office and meet with someone face-to-face that day. You are set up with a recruiter who takes the time to discuss with you all the different jobs available and explains the entire application process in detail.

Afterwards, you fill out some paper work about yourself and then the recruiter who discusses which jobs available would be well suited for the person applying.

I appreciated Alana saying, “we are not looking to push people into any job, we are looking to place people into the right job.”

Talent Employment Inc. does not seem like your average recruiting company. The employees are all there because they truly want to be there and help people get on a path that they want to be on.

Along with offering recruitment, the company branched out into a division called iTrain which is a training company in the areas of bartending, food handling, basic and advanced serving as well as wine council of Ontario certification. These programs are offered throughout the year and with many of their jobs in the hospitality industry it makes perfect sense why they would offer the courses right under their roof. If you want someone to take the time to find out what the best path is for you, look no further than Talent Employment Inc.!