Start your Mini Engines!

All is well in Emery Village for Dave Browning, owner of MiniPower Small Engines

MiniPower started last April. After working in the small engine and equipment business for 30 years, 13 of those working for one of the largest lawn equipment dealers in Ontario, I decided to start my own company. With the help and push from a long time customer and friend Robert Arrigo of Turf specialties, I began this wonderful journey of self employment.

I wanted to have a business that was more personal and easy going than the big box style of customer service that I felt was being delivered from my former employer. I believe in having fair pricing on the service being charged and good value.

Here at MiniPower my employees and I try to treat the customers the way we want to be treated.

The customer is not just a number they are an important part of the equation that makes the business grow and move in a positive direction.

I chose Emery Village because of its location, close to my customer base. I also live in the area and don’t want to have a long commute to work.

I feel that living and working where you have your business gives a better connection with the people you want to deal with. If a customer needs my services and I am closed I am just a phone call away.

Our location on Toryork is great because we are still close to a major highway and major city streets for ease of access for my customers.

Our location is small but we give big time service at a reasonable price.

We relate to our customers on a more personal level than the larger big box type dealer.