Spider Jones in Emery

Spider Jones – 430p.m.

Will rock the house down at Wine Fest- Wow!

After dropping out of school at 15 years old, he became involved in gang activity and it wasn’t until age 30—with encouragement from his wife, Jackie—that Spider returned to school to pursue his life long dream to become a broadcast journalist. Upon earning his title, he became a sports broadcaster, who worked side by side with George Chuvalo, broadcasting boxing matches throughout North America. Then he continued to pursue his passion in music and radio as a broadcaster, interviewing the likes of Tina Turner, James Brown, Tom Jones, Mary Wilson, Roy Orbison, Benny King, and countless other high profile singers. His most memorable interview was with Smokey Robinson, who he idolized for many years as a youth.

As a child, Spider recalled being surrounded by gospel music from a really young age and the radio playing all night long. His family always encouraged him to sing, make noise and move around to a variety of music. As a musician, he sings a variety of Soul, R & B, and love ballads and yes, he is also a talented pianist. On stage, Spider comes to life enhancing the music with his electric vibes and dance moves. When asked about his performances, he described the music and stage like “opium” which gives him the ultimate high.