Publisher’s comment

As of this past Wednesday, Toronto is back in business. Now, most regions in Ontario have now moved into Phase Two of the pandemic recovery, so more things are opening back up. Our social circles are expanding. People are getting their hair cut again (something I’m definitely looking forward to doing). Across the country, Canadians are continuing to feel more optimistic about recovery.

On the one hand, we’re making significant progress – optimism around the pandemic is at an all-time high. On the other hand, we’re not making nearly enough progress. Systemic racism and discrimination is happening not only in the US but here at home as well.

I reported a few months ago that one of the exciting pandemic trends was that more people are saying hello to each other, and that includes strangers. Let us keep that trend going.

For some time now, Emery has been home to a very diverse ethnic community.

Coming along with our diversity is the ability to share different religions, beliefs, traditions, and foods.

Please try to keep your minds and hearts open to change, tolerance, and acceptance, as Emery continues to grow and become the best community that everyone can call home.

- Sean Delaney