Olga Pellegrino

Olga Pellegrino – on September 13 she becomes Rosina Parmiggiano and lends her talents to Wine Fest emcee. Laughs galore are promised for all!

“It is easy for me to get up on stage and be Rosina. I developed this character from being around my mother and grandmother. I visited Italy a lot as a young child and remember my Grandmother being a big part of my upbringing,” Pellegrino said.

From the age of four, Pellegrino can remember the various traditional and cultural aspects that shaped her path towards comedy, “I can remember at a young age in Italy when they would get the community together to have a festival to slaughter pigs! It was great for them, a little shocking for a little girl like me at that time but this is where my material comes from. The traditions and cultural heritage the immigrants brought back with them to Canada,” Pellegrino said.

Often compared to the Italian Lucille Ball, Rosina is a character that is often putting her foot into her mouth, getting in trouble everywhere she goes, and is an adventure waiting to happen.