New Era Tool & Die celebrating 60 years in Emery

By Sean Delaney

New Era Tool & Die, the headquarters for The New Era Group, a private corporation founded in 1963, is celebrating 60 years in business in 2023.

“We are currently a multi-divisional company that manufactures mostly metal products, with some smaller companies that provide soft services, hydraulics, garage doors, military; we are very diverse,” said Anthony Tersigni, President. “We started off as a tool and die shop, and over the decades blossomed into a company with more than 200 employees and seven divisions. And we’re a long-time community member that began on Rivalda Road.”

Founder Mario Tersigni was the visionary and guiding force of the company for almost 55 years. He created the foundation, principles, and formula for success that remain the company’s cornerstone today. And his impact remains.

“For my dad, his word was always his bond,” Anthony said. “You shook hands, you had a deal. He didn’t need a piece of paper or a contract and that’s how we live and conduct our business today. Things have evolved, and you must be more careful, but we live by our word.”

New Era Tool & Die provides welding and fabrication, hydrostatic testing, and assembly and is a custom machine shop.

The company has the capability to provide customers with supplementary services for its products, such as non-destructive testing, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) measurement of completed parts, stress relieving, blasting and coating, chroming and hard facing, transportation and more.

Mario also believed in hard work, and family, Anthony said, and eventually, the family and the business became one. A connection that inspired what Anthony loves most about the company he now stewards.

“For me, it’s the camaraderie with the workers,” he said. “We treat our workers like family and friends. We have some second generation in our staff.”

New Era Tool & Die equip committed employees with the latest management techniques, advanced manufacturing technologies, and a focus on product quality. The company services customers in a wide array of industries, including Oil & Gas, Pumping, Steel Manufacturing, Mining, Marine, Aerospace, and Power Generation, including nuclear.

Mario Tersigni was known for his work ethic, integrity, and attention to the quality of workmanship. And he has impressed all these qualities on his company and employees making the New Era Group a proven entity on all levels.

Over time, they have evolved from a custom job shop specializing in large machining and fabrication to a multi-faceted company that can work with a diverse customer base to achieve their manufacturing goals.

“We provide end-to-end solutions for our customers, and customers worldwide have experienced respectful service and relied on our expertise to solve their challenging technical and time-constrained applications using innovative and advanced manufacturing techniques.”

You can find New Era Tool & Die at 241 Toryork Drive.

Phone them at: 416-742-8098

Or find them online at: