Need a little privacy to get some work done? Spend a little time in your Kube Booth

By Sean Delaney

Are the distractions of open spaces hindering your ability to work quietly and efficiently?

Open space planning is a traditional desire in homes, studio apartments, and cottages. But in the workplace, privacy can often be a luxury.

“Think of someone who wants to make a phone call, maybe have a conversation that will be private or overwhelming, and they need to relax and have the conversation by themselves,” said Kube Booth CEO Rachel Sekler. “Well, this isn’t a problem anymore because the Kube Booth is the solution for them.”

Kube is the pioneer of soundproof office pods and workspaces. Kube Booths offer industry-leading noise reduction and exceptional air exchange rates, with an affordable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing way to add privacy to your space while improving productivity. Today, Kube offers four unique products.

The Kube Booth was developed by IMT, a worldwide leader in modular wall solutions. Using IMT’s wall expertise and technological advances, the Kube concept evolved.

Kube Booths offer unmatched flexibility. They offer four booth sizes (Ki, Kme, Kwe, and Kteam). Those wanting just an introduction can start with a Kme or Kwe (single person booths) and expand up to a space for eight with the companies’ modular expertise.

“All Kubes come equipped with hidden casters to enable quick changes in a fast-paced world,” Sekler said.

“We have a lot of research today that says noise and the environment in a workspace can influence the productivity of the person,” Sekler said. “A person can be distracted by noise, someone calling, someone playing music, equipment running, these things can break your thinking and immediately you are not as productive which means you generate less income for the company, and you can also generate mistakes.”

Inside a Kube Booth, Sekler said, staff will find peace and quiet and increased productivity.

Kube Booth spent 20 years in the modular wall industry and now has developed a family of high-quality booths starting with a one-person phone booth.

Sekler also explained that the Kube Booth is something for not just an individual employee, but can be designed to accommodate a small group and more.

“Not only that, but they are also extendable – so you can start with a two-person booth, and it can grow to a four, six, or eight-person space.”

All Kube products are easy to move and fashionable to suit any environment. The soundproofing acoustic polyester fiber ensures that your Kube will quickly become your office’s go-to place for private calls, team meetings, or just a little quiet time.

“Join us and start your journey into transforming your space to a private, more peaceful and productive one.”

Kube Booth is located at: 40 Penn Drive

Toronto, Ontario M9L 2A9

You can reach them toll-free at: 1-855-966-5823

Or locally at: 1-647-932-3989

To find out more, find them online at: