Michael Palumbo

22 yrs old -born and raised in Toronto with an Italian background. He started piano lessons at age 8 and his teacher recognized that he was musically gifted. He never learned how to read music and plays mostly by ear. At about age 17 he saw Claudio Santaluce playing the organetto at a street festival and fell in love with it.

He decided he wanted to learn and luckily a family member offered him the use of an accordion. With only a few lessons Michael started playing really well. He has since received a newer accordion and plays at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Italian cultural events. You can sometimes find him with his Italian jersey on playing on St. Clair Ave in front of Mari Bakery. He really loves playing Italian folklore songs and even listens to them in the car. It’s amazing that someone born here in Canada, with a very limited knowledge of the Italian language would have such a passion for this music. But that's Michael - he loves all things Italian!