La Parilla opens a second location In Emery on Steeles

By Sean Delaney

“Parrilla” means grill, specifically the open-fire hearth and grates where meat is cooked.

The word, however, can also translate to “steakhouse” or any establishment specializing in grilled meats.

La Parrilla restaurant is all those things and the best in top-quality Argentinian cuisine.

From the familiar dishes people expect in Empanadas to the high-quality barbecue Argentina is known for, the restaurant can cater to all your dining needs. Now, it can serve those needs locally as they celebrate a second opening on Steeles.

La Parrilla is operated by the Gimenez family, father and son. “My father Serge was born in Argentina,” said Fabian. “So, it was nice to bring those traditions out for everybody to enjoy, from classic dishes like empanadas to grilled signature meat. The fact that we have opened up a second location on Steeles has been wonderful.”

Founded by a dynamic father and son duo to bring the best Argentinian BBQ and spectacular side dishes, La Parilla will always impress, whether it be your next special event or dinner for the family.

“We opened our first location eight years ago and brought Argentine cuisine into Ontario,” said Fabian. “For people that aren’t too familiar with the cuisine, the casuals that walk in to try a new restaurant out will see a family that wants to give them the best. This whole thing started from a first location which was takeout only, bringing a taste of our family traditions to your table. Now, it’s time to join us at our tables and enjoy a home-cooked meal.”

You can find La Parilla at:

5025 Steeles Ave.

Phone them at: 647-368-8565

Or find them online at: