Keeping Emery active

Helping our local neighbourhood stay vibrant is the one of the many goals the Emery Village BIA has for our community. Since joining the Emery Village BIA back in 2005, I have had the privilege to watch Emery Village blossom into the largest employment zone in North America. With 2700 business members in Emery Village, it is no surprise that Emery Village has changed over the past decade. With a growing community and booming businesses it is important for businesses to be able to interact with community members in Emery Village. This is why the BIA board members and staff have wonderful community events planned such as movies in the park and street festivals. Most recently, we had our first annual Wine and Street Festival on September 14th. This event was a huge success and enabled local businesses to communicate and reach out to community members and residents in the village. Participating in community events like the Wine and Street Festival is what makes this job so special. The BIA board members and staff are looking forward to our next event happening in the community. On November 14th, we are supporting Spider Jones, Fight for Youth, where the Emery Village BIA will present two sponsorships to youth in our community. For tickets to the event please visit:

With the New Year quickly approaching and new initiatives in place, it is an exciting time in Emery Village. Our local businesses will be able to take advantage of all we have to offer. We have recently launched a new up-to-date website which showcases simple navigation and greater access for our community members to interact with business members. The website serves as an opportunity for new businesses who want to come to Emery Village to see all the wonderful features of the BIA. I invite you to visit for more information on Emery Village and how the BIA is making it a better place for you, your business and our community.

As the executive director of the BIA here in Emery Village it is my wish to continue to work with the BIA board members and staff to improve this wonderful village as we move into the New Year and the next decade.

Sandra FarinaEmery Village BIA, Executive Director