It’s a red wave. Trudeau wins!

Election night was held on October 19, 2015 and it resulted in the country now boasting a new Prime Minister from a celebrated and historic Canadian family. Justin Trudeau (43) of the Liberal Party of Canada was elected and has become Canada’s newest Prime Minister. The former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, officially stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party after hearing the news of his party’s defeat on election night.

The Liberal landslide victory managed to produce a majority government for Trudeau’s Liberals that will be in power for four years without the need for another election. York West traditionally has maintained a Member of Parliament from the Liberal Party almost unequivocally. Our M.P., Judy Sgro was once again re-elected handily with 67% of the vote and she most certainly is poised to be a prominent member of Trudeau’s Cabinet. Election night results of the final vote count in the riding of York West, now called Humber River – Black Creek, were: Judy Sgro (Liberal) – 23,995, Kerry Vandenberg – 7,228, Darnel Harris – 3,851, Keith Jarrett – 584, Christine Nugent – 201. Congratulations go out to Judy, our re-elected M.P..