In Emery Village, diversity is not just a word

Our community, what we now call Emery Village, gets a lot of bad press but I want to thank the people at the Emery Village Voice for shining a spotlight on some of the good things that happen in our area.

There are many amazing people who have come from all over the world to Emery Village and have brought their unique styles and ways with them. Yes, that makes us culturally diverse, and while some might see that as negative, they miss the point.

We’re building a community and the colour each personality and style brings helps make our place more beautiful and inviting for other good people to join us here. It’s a spirit that is being built together.

Although we need to keep talking and communicating, I can see great things starting to happen. From new family-oriented housing developments to an active BIA that is helping to beautify our street corners, to the police who are going out of their way to understand the needs and concerns of those in the community. It is working.

The recent community BBQ held at 31 Division is a great example of that spirit of cooperation. We are not a neglected industial area. This is home, built on community spirit, economic opportunity and yes, diversity. And I look forward to seeing in your pages some of the unique faces that make our home great.

Thank you.

Paul Cinzano