Happy 25th Metal Creations

A business born in Emery celebrates 25 years of success

An Emery original is celebrating a quarter century in business.

Metal Creations, a manufacturer of store fixtures and displays, got its start in 1990 on the same Emery Village streets it calls home today. The four founding partners have made way for four fresh and enterprising men who got their own start within the company and chose to invest in the place they grew. Three were existing partners with John Zoldi, 17 years with the company, coming on board two years ago.

Todd Brummell is the President and started with Metal Creations on day one, out of college, in the mid 90s. Frank Mammoliti has 21 years starting as a courier with the company, and along with Zoldi, sees to sales and the books with the titles of Controller and Director respectively. While Orest Sydij, 23 years with Metal Creations, is Vice President.

The group saw potential in the manufacturer and pushed moves deeper into North American markets, building a portfolio today that includes the largest retailers available including The Bay, Loblaws, Sobeys and Canadian Tire.

“We were the ones who grew the company,” said Brumell. “The founding partners really managed it.”

They’ve built their name building the best behind the products the consumer comes to see. Endearing the eye to retail spaces with the eye not even knowing what’s hitting it.

“For a consumer to walk into a store, they don’t really understand the footprint present in the store,” Brumell explained. “Everything we make is tailor made off the existing footprint of the retailer. You might not notice it if you look at a retail establishment, but if you look around you will see it. We are managers of space.”

They are experts on the standards and regulations of every major retailer in North America and work directly with them to produce fixtures and provide a number of their vendors with the merchandising tools necessary to turn large profits.

Creativity comes in the signage and design work they get to do at the display level, but their masters of the interior retail design schemes and many of them come from the customary designs of the retailers they serve.

In Emery they’ve seen a community that’s become cleaner and brighter.

“The growth has been amazing, and the property values have shot up,” Brumell added. “We’re right in the middle of everything.”

As they noted, the founding partners probably didn’t see a major highway like the 407 coming, but they take advantage of it now as they serve a number of areas throughout North America.

“We’re four blocks from that business.”

Metal Creations can be reached at 416-744-8801 or by visiting their office at 465 Signet Drive.