Friends Disco night aids SickKids

By Sean Delaney

It was another funkadelic night at the 15th annual Friends Helping SickKids Disco fundraiser on Saturday Feb. 20.

The event was held at the Fontana Primavera Banquet Centre. It was another sold out event that brought together 850 party goers showcasing outfits from the Disco days of the 70s.

Friends Helping SickKids put on another incredible event, transforming Fontana Primavera into a Studio 54 feel with custom lighting, themed dance floor, laser light show and the sounds of none other then Sensation and Digital Entertainment.

The main reason for their success is all in the foundations name. As committee member Mario Sinopoli said, “Everyone here tonight, including committee members, sponsors and guests are all important because together we are ‘Friends Helping SickKids’ and we all play a part in finding a cure for this dreadful disease called Leukemia.”

Today the foundation has surpassed $700,000 in donations to the Hospital for Sick Children and is now a Tier 1 sponsor.

Special guest Doctor James A. Whitlock, division head of hematology/oncology was on hand to speak to the guests.

Thanks to everyone who attended and lent their support.