Eye on Emery

A village full of entertaining opportunity


Emery Village is full of great venues and events.

From our churches, community centres and parks, to the many banquet halls, restaurants and commercial places. Be it concerts by young musicians or gala dinners, fundraisers and the like. We just aren’t all aware of these. Here is a start...Though a little outside our borders as a village, the TRCA (Toronto Regional Conservation Authority )held The Living City 21st environmental dinner recently and with great attendance.

It was “an evening of fun, friends and celebration,” said Scott Fortnum of The Living City Foundation, who help fund the important work of the trca.on.ca. It was an amazing gathering of good people from all cultures who have common ground, interests in their love of nature and support of the TLC-TRCA – the conservation of our last remaining urban green spaces, living environments. Those areas that help nurture our healthy lives. This annual fundraising dinner event honours a pioneering hero worth googling or going to a library to learn more about. Thanks to MC Rod Black of CTV, Luigi Ferrara Dean at George Brown College and much more...for their presentations to entertain and inform us. Awards went to many people! William Boyle, Peter Menkes, the Sisters of St. Joseph, the GTAA. Lots of supportive sponsors, volunteers, TRCA-TLC staff and others helped make the event a great success...you could have been there! It was held in a top notch venue nearby, The Bellvue Manor, on Jane St. at Hwy. 7. Special thanks to Linda Craib, Supervisor of supporter care for The Living City Foundation, whose devotion shone through there and was reflected in her co-workers, the many good people who work for us at TRCA-TLC. May next year’s event will be even bigger and better!