Emery Village Charities honoured to assist the Humber River Hospital


Last month, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti and the Emery BIA’s Board of Directors were invited to tour the new Humber River Hospital’s (HRH) facilities. Included in the tour was the hospital’s maternity ward, a place where most of our future community newborns may take their first breaths.

Adjacent to the maternity ward is one special room. The room has been dedicated to the late Maggie Sanderson.

Sanderson passed away a few years ago but during her time in Emery Village, she was a determined charity activist whose tireless efforts helped so many in the community.

The dedicated room at HRH has a fully operational kitchen ­– set aside for visitors and family members of the maternity ward.

The room was appropriately named in honour of Maggie Sanderson along with the BIA. It will allow many families to be able to cook meals in a private area, hoping that this temporary “refuge” might be called “home” for the many that want to relax and cook for their visiting family during a patient’s stay.

The Emery BIA was able to offer their financial support to the hospital’s foundation by assembling fundraising events such as the Emery Charities golf tournament and the Venetian Ball, to name a few.

During recent years a total of $100,000 was raised by the BIA with all proceeds going to the hospital. The dedication was made in Maggie Sanderson’s name.

Last month, the Emery BIA board members visited the “Family Living Convenience Area” and were pleased to participate in the unveiling of a celebratory plaque. Maggie’s surviving husband, Steve Sanderson, a well known local Emery entrepreneur and community leader, was in attendance and filled with pride at the unveiling.

The brand new Humber River Regional Hospital, on Wilson Avenue at Keele, is now in full operation servicing all the healthcare needs of the community. The hospital replaces three former local hospitals, including the old York-Finch Site at Oakdale Road. It is the modern-day version of what a hospital should be. The building is fully computerized with the latest electronic equipment allowing speedy and efficient electronic delivery of health files, charts, cat-scans and x-rays in a split-second. The hospital also boasts large patient rooms primarily fitted with single beds. The size of each room allows family members to comfortably visit a patient and even stay overnight, if necessary. Tinted glass has been installed throughout the facility that adjusts automatically to allow a variety of light into each room.

Since the old York-Finch Hospital no longer functions as an operational health clinic, the building will now be used for ambulatory care purposes only. The drive down and across to Keele and Wilson is a little longer to get to but the quality of the hospital is something that will serve the community well.

(Top Pic) Emery Village BIA board members Tony D’Aversa, Steve Sanderson, Harbhajan Dhillon and Tim Lambrinos.(Bottom Pic) Councillor Mammoliti and BIA Executive Director Sandra Farina.